Friday, September 25, 2009

Trip w/ parents to Austria, Italy, Switzerland...

The mountains, the lakes, the boat rides in Venice and the scenic drive thru Switzerland...WOW!!! WE had a wonderful time this week exploring southern Germany. We started with a very sad visit to Dachau, one of the concentration camps used in WWII, then it was off to Austria. The next day we headed to Lake Garda, Italy, unbelievable!!! We headed out the next day for a day in Venice. We then took the scenic drive through Switzerland.

Parents enjoying the gondola ride through Venice...
Center of Venice...
Lake Garda...view from our room.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Glory of God

Preaching with translator... DANIEL..the man.

One of my favorite guys to talk about in the Bible is David. He was a man known by many for two things 1) As a boy, Killing the Giant with a slingshot 2) Killing a guy for a girl

God laid on my heart to preach a message at church yesterday from 2 Samuel 6...David bringing the Glory of God...the wrong way (his way) and then after he read the scriptures for 3 months figured out the right way. He was a man after God's own heart... not because he was perfect..because through his constant mistakes and imperfection, turned to GOD in every situation. If it wasn't for Christ allowing us to always come back to Him with all of our pain...or all of our serious mistakes... well, I personally wouldn't be preaching.

After the message several people came up and shared their pain...Praise the Lord!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


WHICH ONE represents America?
Let's think about this. If I am down and out, and I have no money and can't find a job ... I have kids, single parent, living in a poor neighborhood in a crime-ridden area ... WELL<>
What am I getting at?
I was watching my favorite tear-jerker show of all time, Extreme Makeover about a guy named Bernard MacFarland. This guy spends everyday of his life taking care of his three sons, taking care of his community and reaching out to all of the kids who could get messed up on drugs and look for free handouts from ACORN (the most corrupt Oba.. administration in the world, get to that in a moment). All four the guys use one bathroom with one spicket to take baths, wash hands and brush the teeth. Their house is falling apart. He continued to lift his boys up and fight for them through what I believe is full obedience and FAITH in Christ our Lord. (He kept using the word "blessed" and prayed with his boys in the kitchen) Here is an excerpt
Back in Indianapolis, Bernard was determined not to accept the troubled community around him. His mission: to reduce both the rising violence in the neighborhood and the number of kids dropping out of school. We discover that he founded Pack House 2000, a program dedicated to expanding dreams of youngsters by forming reading groups and organizing field trips to libraries, museums and cultural events throughout the city. All of this, we learn, he managed to make happen with very limited resources.
Right after this show I turned to our one news channel in Germany which happens to be FoxNews at 11 p.m. GLENN BECK, plays a tape of 20-year-old girl and 25-year-old politician seeking money from Acorn (on hidden camera) for a house because the bank won't give them money. He is a pimp and she is a prostitute. The Acorn staff, knowing full well that they are involved in illegal activity, helps them get a house for the prostitution to continue. To get around the tax law, they simply tell her to call her business "performing arts." Well, the undervover journalist and politician continue telling the ACORN ladies that they have 13 girls coming from El Salvador to live in the house for prostitution purposes. They simply tell them to claim a few as dependents to get more money. THE CATCH.... The reporter-prostitute said they were 13-year-old girls. THE ACORN STAFF DIDN'T CARE. Here is the link.
So, again, I ask you this? Do you enjoy sending your hard working money to fund this. By the way, Oba.. is planning an 8 billion dollar stimulus package for this organization because they will reform America.
WHICH ONE IS AMERICA? Is it a community coming together to bring a family hope, or is it worshiping the government? Is America about sacrificing and teaching our children to depend on God for our everyday life, or is it teach them to depend on the government for everything?

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Glenn Beck exposing Obama

It has been refreshing and disheartening to watch the "CZARS of OBAMA" being exposed each night on Glenn Beck's show. His show is attracting 1 out of every 100 American viewers, and he is breaking records on the number of viewers to his wonderful show. I, personally, stopped watching political-type stuff after the election because I knew our Nation would fall with the current radical, communist administration that took I have been trying to ignore it. Well, I have family members in the states who are being affected now. They are living among the anger, those who have lost jobs, those in hospitals who are being told they will not get a raise next year...and more.
If you have time, please read the latest CZAR and his position created by that guy OB...
This man, Van Jones, is another one that spits out hatred ... Now he is going to be a part of the falling of communism. The Bible says that in the last days, people would call EVIL good and that GOOD will be called evil. Amazing huh? If you as a Christian teacher pray in school for your are arrested. Yet, our very own president said that Islam is good in a speech the other day. HOW SICK...WHAT A LIE from HELL.