Saturday, June 20, 2009

God still provides when you feel lonely

You know, it is something to think how lonely it is to be so far away from everyone... it is easy to be fooled in thinking that there is nothing to do here, that you will no longer have people to talk with about God.. this week God put a family on facebook who was looking to go to Calvary Chapel... they never really knew about it, but have been passing it in California. They are going this Sunday and are very excited.
I also received information from a friend in the states about some hard that person is going to one of our favorite churches this Sunday. So, even when it seems hopeless .. God provides a way. This week we connected with old friends, received love and support, had great conversations about the Lord, received word that our friends are coming to Germany to visit us, that my parents are coming later on ... it is ALL4GOOD...
God bless everyone

Friday, June 19, 2009

Still a Christian nation? check this out...

POSTED June 8, 2009 Congressman Forbes asks the questions "Did America ever consider itself a Judeo-Christian nation?" and "If America was once a Judeo-Christian nation, when did it cease to be?" on the floor of the US House.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wonderful friends ... 11 years now

Joe and Marie Serrano and their girls... Valley Baptist Church in El Paso Texas
Pastor Joe Serrano ... preaching the Word .. Awesome
Facebook has been a blessing... we have been reconnecting with so many friends and family... One of those families we have been blessed to find is the Serrano family. I will post the Juarez family picture later. When we were in Iwakuni going through tough times and looking for answers ... along came Faith Baptist Church in Iwakuni where Mona accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. The ladies took her in and built the foundation .. Marie Serrano was one of the key ladies involved in this. Joe was a Chief Warrant Officer in the Marine Corps and was a new Christian at the time ... I was saved years before, but was never taught how valuable the Bible truly was until we entered the doors with Pastor Zane Abbott and Burma, his wife. As I was reading the update on Facebook... tears, joy and longing to be in full time ministry overwhelmed my body.
Joe and I have great memories together. He taught me many things .. on of those was standing for Christ at work as a Marine. There are many Marines who attend church, but who do not live for Christ day in and day out. He did. He would tell stories on how Christ would come through for him in difficult situations... like the time that he asked a Full Bird Colonel to set the example for the Air Station by being the first to give up the keys to his government vehicle.. to save money. WOW!!!
But our fondest memory stems from our fear the first night we did visitation. Pastor Abbott sent us on a journey to visit people who had been coming to the church. We were told to ask one particular family if they would start coming on Sunday night and Wednesday night. Joe and I sat in the van, prayed REAL HARD .. we weren't sure how to go about this task without offending the family. Knock, Knock.. The guy answered.. he was a Master Gunnery Sergeant. After some small talk, fidgeting, me praying, Joe talking... GOD STEPPED IN. The guy asked us a question... "Hey, how come you guys don't go over the church budget?"
Joe said, "We do on Wednesday nights." The guy said, "oh."
The guy asked, "Hey, how come my kids don't have a special to show their talents in church."
Joe said, "We do on Sunday nights." The guy said, "oh."
We didn't have to do a thing. We got in the van and rejoiced.. and prayed and were thankful and it was then that we started to realize, through such a small circumstance, that God is awesome.
Now Joe, years later, is a pastor in El Paso...doing a great work for the Lord... and they are supporting many Army families too. We miss them so much...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Read this from

this is a very interesting perspective from one of my favorite news sites.(Click Below) It speaks directly to what we are seeing around the world. After traveling around the world all of these years and now living in Europe and having studied Religion (my major).. it is apparent that this is happening. People make fun of our family all of the time for being so large, (especially Christians) ... they see it as a disgrace and as "crazy." Yet, look at the Muslims who don't follow a real God...they actually don't thrive on materialism, but family. Most in America see small family as great t... it is sad, our nation is failing... stand by for infiltration by the Muslims and our children's children to be away from Christ for fear of their very life... STAND BY!!! .. Actually, look around... how many people truly live for Christ first? Less than 5 percent of Americans... How sad...

Here is a excerpt from the story.... Jesus vs. Muhammad - What Christians need to know about the Muslim plot to control the world
...What happened in Europe can happen to us. The vast majority of European couples abandoned the faith of their Christian ancestors long ago. Today only five percent of people living in Europe actively attend church. The erosion of faith in Europe, Canada and to a lesser extent, here in the United States, is accompanied by three cultural phenomena: (1) smaller families, (2) desire for personal autonomy, and (3) focus on materialism. Globally, preoccupation with self is nothing new, but the aggressive promotion of anti-family values and the cultural pressure to keep family size limited for the good of society is.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Their from Okinawa


Maria with her cousin in Okinawa... AWESOME!!!
They are home.. here are some pics from Mona's family...thank you so much for taking these pictures...

Brandon's Birthday

Hard to believe that Brandon is now 15... a few more years and he is off to college. He has been a huge blessing, very intelligent, made 4 As and a B in school this year... We love you Brandon.. Happy Birthday..

Friday, June 05, 2009


I wanted to share the new look with my friends and family. It is nice to finally gel the hair on the back of my head back..someday with a long pony tail...the goatee is something I have dreamed of for years...