Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Rafael had his first horse-ride lesson this weekend. It was awesome!!!

Our town in Germany

We have been having fun walking around our small town in Germany... I took a few photos so you can get an idea of what it is like around our house... Cheers!!!
This is at the bottom of our hill...the Castle is about a rocks throw away from our home. (home not disclosed for safety purposes)
Anthony took this photo of Rafael and Dad after dinner...then we walked home.

This photo is from halfway up the road to the house... That is a Roman Catholic church...the protestant church is right behind it.

This photo is halfway up to our house..once you reach the top, you are wore out...Rafael is looking on...


Anthony played the percussion in a concert the other night. He is phenomenal...unbelievable how talented he is on the snare drum.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wonderful Family ... my boss

Hey guys, I was excited when he let me share this picture and the my new boss, Kristopher Joseph. He is a new father of twin girls with a wonderful wife from Germany..(names left off for security) You would never guess what happened as we were assigned to cover an assignment about 4 hours drive from here. I know, those who know Larry, uh oh...that is too long with him.. Anyway, somehow we started talking about Christ....oh yeah, he went to a Christian College in Southern California. Then, out of the sky, it happened... he said there was only one church he went to that was real and he looked forward to each week... guess where that was... He said, "I went to The Harvest with a pastor named Greg you know Greg Laurie?" I was so excited. Kris also loves Calvary Chapel style... Please lift a prayer up for this new family as they take this wonderful journey as parents. Kris is a gifted music writer and guitar player...that his Christian songs would soon make it into people's lives.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You ever get one of those moments...

When you stumble across a video at just the right moment that just lifts your soul. I love this video. Many times I have mentioned that today's worship songs are like old love songs to girlfriends....yet we, as Christians, are the bride of Christ... We sing to HIM...our Savior...AMEN

California Dreamin


Currently moving...

For those who are on Facebook...I do not have access to the facebook page until I get a connection in our new home in Germany. It is frustrating. I can post to my blog at hope everyone understands. I cannot send replies on facebook, unless you provide an email to you..I have a lot of messages on facebook...yet I cannot reply.
Please pray for us as we are heading into a big test...our landlord was not forthright with information concerning the state of the house. We want to do the right thing, but it is very frustrating...had a hard weekend...we are in a house still under construction and have help from the housing office. Please know we want to be able to communicate with everyone again...this will take time...