Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Hay Ride

Wow..what fun it is to ride and sing in a one tractor open hay ride.....
Our office went to a place called Mike's farm for dinner and a hay ride that we will never forget. It was fabulous, full of lights and the real Christmas story...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

God is good...heading to Germany

Well, I got a phone call today. A very excited future boss told me that we will get a call asking us if we want the job in Germany. WOW!!! I almost broke out in tears. The journey was rough, but it feels so much better having gone through it the hard way. I appreciate this so much more.

Many have been asking about how much we get paid and what we are going to do with our house and yadayada. We have decided that that is a private matter and that we are not to worry about it. We have a great God who owns the universe who can worry for us. But He won't.

Thank you all for your prayers. We still have a lot to do.

Oh yeah, no more Physical Fitness Tests...ha.

Larry Torres

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Can't walk on water w/o getting out of the boat

Well, three months ago, on faith I placed my retirement papers in thinking that we had a job in Yokosuka, Japan. People, Christians and non, were throwing hints at us that we were crazy. I knew it sounded crazy, but each day that I wanted to keep our life here, I felt an unbelievable urge to go. Why? Good job, good boss, great workers, good area, new home ... that seems to be just it. It should glorify God.

one month later - delayed to possibly interview me for the job in Japan. have a TIA..or ministroke, high blood pressure pills and Acid Reflux...STRESS

one month later - still no answer...still waiting

After thanksgiving - The call came made the top five...we only interview the top 3.
Opened the internet...looked up the Army resume system...they constantly tell me that they did not receive my resume in Korea, Colorado, etc... so I figured it was a lost cause. Then, there it was, You have been considered for the job in Mannheim, Germany. So it prevented me from putting my request to extend my time in the Marines.

One week later - Hernia Surgery. The next day..e-mail from did not make the cut for the interview. The surgery prevented me from going in to stay in the Corps. I was depressed, lost, confused, wondering how I got it all wrong.

One week later - I go to work against the doctors orders to get my paperwork in to stay in the Marines. I come home at lunch really feeling bad...convicted...ashamed....lost. Sat in my chair ready to cry...why?

10 minutes later - My Marine calls, "Someone called from Germany about an interview Master Sergeant." I called Germany. They said the first four did not want the job because it was a step down in pay.

Next day at 8a.m. (Dec. 12 or 1212) Interview. God provides the words...covers me with His Holy Spirit. Burden lifted. Hours later it feels that God waited til the last minute to come through.

Dec. 15 - I will find out if the job works out.

Lesson learned - Don't doubt God's call. Wait on the Lord and He will bless. Be consistent in devotions and stay close to God. Don't get out of the boat and look at the storm, the circumstances. Keep the eyes on Jesus. I DIDN'T.

Positive - We got out of the boat...scared to death ... on faith. Even when everyone thought it was crazy.
Praise the Lord.