Sunday, March 30, 2008

Portsmouth, Va.

Maria, Noah and Grandma....

It was a sad departure from Georgia, but we finally made it to Va. where Mona's mom and aunt would reunite with their sister...almost 15 years since they saw each other. It was very exciting, but everyone was sick, coughing, headaches, etc...from the pollen. Oh well, God is in control...we are enjoying a great meal and time of rest.

Final day in Ga

Mona's family in Byne Memorial Baptist Church...They cried...amen.
Jun and mom relaxing and fishing...awesome sight.
Naomi was almost pulled into the pond by a giant was hilarious.
Larry's parents with Mona's aunt, sister and mom.

He is risen

Thank you Lord Jesus Christ for this family and for continuing to guide and direct us in so many ways.

Huntin time

The whole crew right after hunting eggs.
Naomi found an English Bulldog. Kawai ne?
Rinrin and eggs.

Fun in Georgia

Naomi and Kenna
Rafael and Baba.....riding in style.
Grandma and Maria...

It appears that the Georgia mindset hit all of Mona's family. They enjoyed riding go carts, playing with the dogs and a little softball game. Even Mona's mom, nearly 80, hit the ball and ran to first base. We continue to hope and pray for the love of

Decorating for Easter

Jun's first time decorating eggs for Easter.

We had a great time decorating eggs for Easter. It was wonderful teaching what Christians do on Easter to Mona's family. They were excited and overwhelmed by the time sharing and coloring.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Georgia on my mind

my Grandma, what big family you have.
my grandma, what gig house you have

Yes, it was off to the deep south, Albany, Ga....well, Leesburg, Ga. now. Mona's family was amazed at the size of Larry's parents home which includes a private lake in the back. They enjoyed large meals, beautiful scenery and all 5 of Larry's sisters and their children keeping them huggin and busy..ha.

On the road again

Yes, it was driving, driving, driving. We discovered that Mona's family, Mom, Aunt, Sister and nephew flew from Japan,,about 30 hours of traveling...rested for a day, then drove 6 hours to North Carolina, then 13 hours to Georgia, 4 days rest, 14 hours to Virginia and then we finally drove 3 hours to come home and post the photos. It was fun, we laughed and laughed and stopped for the restroom more than I can imagine. The beauty of this trip is that we were singing Christian songs and the light of Christ has been shining throughout to Mona's mom and aunt and sister...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Makiya family= food

One thing great about Mona's family...constant food. They love the kitchen and take it to the fullest. We had oishi oumo rice and lots of fruit. What a blessing. Pray that they will pray to receive Christ and that we would be a light to them...

They made it

All the way from Okinawa, Mona's mother, aunt, sister Naomi and our nephew Jun made it. We drove for another 6 hours home after that. The day before we drove and stayed with the Langleys and had a blast. Thanks guys for blessing us with your home.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Noah's prayer

Noah has been known to give some cool prayers. One quirky thing he does is tell his brother to be quiet in the middle of the prayer. Enjoy...turn it up.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

WOW!! Silencing Christians is doing a weekly special on what is happening in America. I certainly hope that everyone tunes in and starts to wake up to the reality that the world is going to start falling apart again. It is very sad to see , but reality is ...Christ is an offensive message already and now it being silenced in the very country that was started based on Jesus Christ. If people only knew that our freedom and rights were based off of Christ, then we wouldn't have this problem in America. Can you believe they shut a microphone off because she was going to say Jesus Christ. Our public schools are being controlled by satan.