Sunday, January 20, 2008

Updated photos

Some have asked for new photos of you go.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Maria is HOME!!!

Thanks for all the prayers and support through these rough 2 weeks. It was lonely near the end...God brought her home right on time.

Monday, January 07, 2008

It's a new day

This is a picture of Rafael and Noah with all the stuff on for the intensive care room...Noah hated it....big time. We lasted 5 minutes and had to get out every time.
But the photo below shows what it was like today...finally, no gown needed. Mona got some good quality time with her little ones.
Dad, Rafael, Noah and Maria taking it easy in the Pediatrics room, no more gown, mask or gloves needed when visiting.

Finally, Maria was moved to Pediatrics...away from the Intensive Care area. She was able to feed and stay with mom for good. Her lungs are not at 100 percent...everytime they take the oxygen off, her breathing goes too fast..but we are looking at the home stretch...which could be another week or two in the hospital. Mona has her own room now with a toilet...but still has to go other places for showers each day. Rafael and Noah enjoyed seeing her without having to wear all the stuff...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Maria's progressing

Maria being fed by one of our favorite nurses...Shannon

Maria is still in ICU, but her lungs are clearing out better. They are trying to get her bottle fed, but her breathing is still too fast. Mona gets to hold her she is relieved. Maria is getting very loud and aggravated now when she doesn't get way...which, I thought we would never think, but that is a great thing. She is regaining her strength and personality.
By the way, she has Green Eyes and her hair is getting light redish blonde as it
Thank you all for your prayers...what a blessing it has been to see the international prayer revival...

Visitors travel from afar

Souhki and Maria
Pol, Joy Joanna and Rafael...

We were privileged and honored to have several visitors come to the hospital from long distances. Pastor Pol and his family (currently in the states with a Visa from the Philippines) drove down with Vicky and her son all the way from Newport News, Va. for a few hours...then they headed back about a 5-hour drive. They prayed over Maria and sang songs. They also had three boys before their first girl was born. They took her as a newborn to the hospital in the Philippines years ago....they hospital sent them away to let her basically die. They went in front of the hospital and prayed, telling God they would devote their lives to serving the Lord and raising their daughter to love Jesus...she immediately was well.
Our other visitor came from New York City, Souhki. The boys were so excited to see her.
Mary Ellen came in for a surprise visit...she is the piano player at the church.