Tuesday, October 31, 2006


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Brandon and Anthony enjoy spending time creating things on the computer. Brandon loves making rollercoasters using a software program. They are always exciting, new and original...through waterfalls, tunnels with all twists and turns. Hope you enjoy this video...on his roller coaster creation. Enjoy..please send a comment to him about his creation.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Office Bible Study

What a blessing it is to see young Marines in the Word. We have had 6 Marines in an office of 15 people join the Thursday morning 6 a.m. study. Just so happens that some cant wake up that early..so I have extended it to once in the morning and once after work. We started from Genesis...and it is awesome. Seated here is Angel Velasquez...new believer with awesome questions. Keeps us on our toes. We have had one Marine recently accept Christ. God is doing a work...we are just joining Him. Praise the Lord!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Oba..our aunt from Oki

Meet Oba, Setsuko, Mona's aunt from Okinawa...She has been a mother to us in America since Brandon was born there more than 12 years ago. We had the opportunity to be with her in Virginia this weekend. She loves the Lord and has been a blessing to us all these years. She is like a 21 year old in an older frame...just played with the boys and cooked unbelievable food for us. I had to gain several pounds over the weekend.

CC Williamsburg

We had the great opportunity of visiting Calvary Chapel Williamsburg this weekend. Tom Hallman preached while his sons played the guitar and beat box for the Lord. It was in a beautiful library with wonderful people. I met a retired Marine named Keith, on the stage right...we had a great talk about his call to the ministry. I also met the bass player who shared how the Lord saved him. They are so loving.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Philippines update

As everyone knows Pastor Pol lost his son this year... His daughter Joan is going through tough medical problems now and he is going to sell her music to raise money for her medication. It turns out that every church that supported him has stopped...so this is a serious trial. Please pray that this CD sells and that he can support his daughter. Here is his message to me...
Brother pray for the CD Album of Joan our young daughter "Just Let Me Say" (attached). I am raising fund for her medication including herbal vitamines for 6 months because of her weekened red blood cells. There are 3 more songs to finish. We are praying to promote it to crhistisn churches to raise 4 thousand peso monthly.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Brandon, Anthony and I went flying today after work. Mike Barton, the deputy director of PAO in Cherry Point...my boss, he was a Master Sergeant and loves to fly. He has me wanting to get a license to fly. It is a long time dream. It reminded me of The Gates of Splendor when Jim Elliott used to fly over S. America to help the Auca Indians. Now I know even more...why he loved to fly. We flew over small islands with wild ponies and over the most visited Civil War site ever... You can see it in one of the photos.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rafael and Noah

Many have been asking about our two little guys, Rafael and Noah..here they are. Praise the Lord!!! Thomas train in the HOUSE....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Prophecy Video...WOW!!!

Folks, I, along with Brandon and Anthony, just went to Calvary Chapel's site and were blown away when listening to Joel Rosenberg...you have to stop what you are doing..find a quiet place and click on his video when you go to this LINK...Please watch him. You will be totally blessed. He wrote fiction books about things happening in the world...before it happened. He has given Bible studies to congressman looking for answers to the future. He is humble and amazed about how close we are to the end.
Please click on the link below and click on JOEL ROSENBERG