Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Noah..the big 2 year old

Man what a blast to see this guy grow...praise the Lord for our miracle boy...Noah. Thank you Lord for such a beautiful gift to the family...

Georgia Fun

We had a good time in Georgia. We were able to visit with all of Larry's sisters, nieces and nephews...what a blast the boys had with all of their cousins...goes a long way with 5 sisters...ha...
In the golf cart is Larry's mom with Rafael and Noah...they were feeding the fish...We had a blast at the Atlanta Braves Baseball Game and then went to Calvary Chapel Stone Mountain on Sunday with Cari and Russell and their daughters Gabriella and Katie...they are pictured all together...Awesome... The baseball Stadium pic is Chas with Rafael

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Georgia on my MIND

Praise the Lord...we made it to Georgia..nothing like 5 sisters and a bunch of cousins to liven up each day. It has been wonderful just hangin out and talking to all. My sister Chas and her daughter and son, Savannah and Thad...took us to the Flint River Museum of Albany was nice...alligators, snakes..then some ice cream....

On the road again...

Well, we finished our visit in Socorro, NM with a wonderful worship time at the Calvary Chapel in Socorro. The pastor there is Frank Rodriguez who loves the Lord and is doing a good work. uncle came in and sat down during the worship time...what a huge step after a long week. God really is moving there. So there are the boys...loving the life in the minivan.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Here is a favorite...Tom Ruiz and Carolina can now say they have seen a is made like tortillas..only you drop it in grease and they puff up. You then take meat or honey...or whatever and fill them up...awesome Mexican food. Aunt Victoria...Uncle Dicky's wife...made them...the boys tore them up...She is an awesome cook.

Larry as a kid

Folks...some of you might find this picture amusing...of me when I was about 10 years old....on my left is cousin and the right is Chas my sister...

Socorro, NM

Beautiful Socorro, New Mexico...had a wonderful opportunity to spend time with my grandparents and aunts and uncles...The top left is Grandma Byrd on my mom's side with Rafael, she taught me Sunday School as a small boy and is a big reason we are serving the Lord today. We are all sitting with her on the top left...except for Anthony shooting the picture. Middle right is my Grandpa and Grandma on my dad's side with my Uncle Randy and Richard. We had a birthday celebration for Grandpa Torres' 81st Bday...I had the opportunity to sing and play some praise was a humbling experience and blessing. The mountains here are beautiful..also found out there is a Calvary Chapel here in Socorro now..Praise the Lord!!!!

California Dreamin

We left California 5 days is a shot of Brandon, Rafael and Noah playing on the beach in Cali...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Miracle meeting

Unbelievable yet believable. We have the Christopher family from OKinawa here in Lompoc. I asked Mona if we could contact them...we did not have a way to reach we just happened to walk through the commissary here and wala...there was Sakura Christopher...We had a blessing today with their mom from Japan...who is the wife of a pastor near Yokota Japan. What a blessing..what a privilege to belong to the Lord...who continues to guide and direct every second of our Please pray for them as they are close to retirement and seeking God's guidance for their future.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Red Rock Cali

Folks...what a blessing it is to be in the Lord's grace and mercy and to always know that He created the most beautiful places in the world to enjoy. The very creation seems to take everyone away from the pain of this world. We enjoyed a day at Red Rock..a camping site with small body of water and cliffs. To add to the wonderful day was a beautiful Spanish family who sat under a tree and simply enjoyed talking and listening to their beautiful spanish music. Praise the Lord for the Everett family...we have had some wonderful times together. The boys are swimming together in one photo...Anthony is jumping from the cliff in another photo. The woman is Theresa with her son Eric...beautiful family. Their family photo is up top...David, Theresa, Isaac and Eric. The man and woman are Ron and Tsuruko Everett..Mona's father's sister... Other photos are just everyone having fun at the local pizza joint...
Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day. We also happened to run into David and Sakura from Okinawa in the commissary today...God's timing.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Everett Family..awesome!!!

So we left Corona, California and headed to Lompoc, California. We are with another wonderful family, Ron and Tsuruko Everett. They are a blessing to us and have always had us in and spoiled us. Tsuruko is Mona's aunt. Their son, David and his wife Theresa, have two awesome boys...Isaac and Eric. They have the same face, but different hair color...the boys ran and ran all day and slept early. We had steak and went to the pool. Praise the Lord. Bottom left = Rafael and Noah, Bottom right, Rafael playing with Eric. Top left - Isaac holding his brother Eric, top right...beautiful Japanese style backyard.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tijuana Mexico

Folks...our window was broke, but our friends have been supporting...what a blessing it was to have Carolina and her son Samuel take us to Mexico today. The boys had the opportunity to see families and children who worked on the streets and we all appreciated getting back to America. The photo of the food in the mirror was a shot of Carolina showing the boys how to hand food to the poor.