Sunday, July 30, 2006

Awesome Family

Unbelievable sometimes how much grace there is just one family. The Hernandez family took us into their home after Cisco and Mika...they both asked no questions and had their places ready for us...Both families are from Calvary Chapel Living Water in Corona, California. The Hernandez family has had us longer than expected as my back window broke in our van. They, Jessie and Rose, have three sons, Jessie, 18, Chris-17, and Nathaniel 13...they are awesome. They took us to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego today...their sons are interested in joining. We also enjoyed some dancing by the Noah and Rafael...just pure blessing.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Calvary Chapel Living Water

Well, we finally made it to CC Living Water in California. It was so much fun and exciting to finally meet all those that graciously pray for and allow many from their congregation to preach around the world in missions. These guys pray, sing, and travel to support all of Japan, Virginia, Israel, etc...
Bottom left - The greatest woman in Cali...Carolina...what a true blessing she is to our family. Her sons and her daughter are a blessing to all.
Bottom right - Melissa with Michel.. Michel is Pastor Tom and Joanna Ruiz's daughter...she has a servants heart. Melissa loves the Lord and can sing better than recording artists...her smile is that of love and caring.
Top right - Patti and her daughter Jamie with the little ones. She sparks excitement in everyone to serve Jesus...I enjoy being around her..just sharing how God is so awesome...

Family and Friends

We were able to go to Miramar, California to see my brother Eric and our friends from Okinawa. It was unbelievable and great to see the Marines loving life and finally out of the "hole" in Okinawa. The Marines are Martin Harris and Mandy McCammon holding Noah with our family. Mandy is just like the Incredibles mom..has two beautiful children and cool hubby. Martin is in love with an Okinawan girl and is a super hard worker..who always is cool with the boys.
My brother Eric drove up from San Diego to see us. What an honor it was to be with this young man...full of drive and energy and very intelligent. He is currently is school and will go to Europe to live soon. What a wonderful visit we had.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So they said, California is da place ya ought ta we loaded up our van and moved to YOSEMITE, mountains that is...waterfalls, under the stars. Folks, what a blessing it was to take three days to drive through California to Carona. On the way down we stopped at Yosemite National Park. It was took a while to get up there, but it was well worth the trip. Praise the Lord for His wonderful creation.

Bottom left photo - Rafael in front of the Yosemite Waterfall

Bottom right - Me and Rafael at one of the rivers in Yosemite

MIddle - Cool Brandon in front of the cool mountain

Top left - Noah in the valley...woah

Monday, July 24, 2006

On the road again

The time in Washington has come to a close. It was fast...we had a blessed time. From right to left front....Larry, Anthony, Brandon, Rafael, Meghan, Mona
back...Noah, Dad, Donna, Austin, Travis and Levi
We had great talks, fellowship and sharing that will not be forgotten.
During the trip, the boys watched NEMO again and again...what a great thing nowadays. We also saw beautiful sites in N. Cali.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Today we were invited to go to my sister Lauren's apartment...we had a blast swimming, eating ice cream and hangin out. A needed break after going nonstop for one week. Lauren is a wonderful young woman who we were blessed to be with in Portland, Ore.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Camping in Oregon

Ollalie Lake, Oregon...OH...heaven on earth...well, not counting the bugs, the cold weather...the crying kids...but camping next to a mountain on a lake in a yurt in the summer...oh what a blessing..we just got back after 3 days of fishing and just hangin with my dad, Donna and Austin and his buddy Zach...

Matsumoto Shaved ICE

Thanks to Pastor Rick..we made it to the North Shore in Hawaii and had the best Shaved Ice in teh world...Thanks Rick...Praise the Lord for Hawaiin Flavor ICE>>>>Yeah...In case you are wondering...we just woke the boys up from a good nap...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Water in Hawaii

WE had a great time at the water park in Hawaii today...the weather is just about 75 degrees and sunny...great mountains and people everywhere...What a blessing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Webb Family

What a blessing it was to visit the Webb Family. James, Shaun, Taylin and James...what an awesome family. We spent many nights together laughing and carrying on while stationed in Iwakuni, Japan 7 years ago. We were all rejoicing over what the Lord is doing in their life...James is a wonderful man with a pastor's heart and his family reflects that...We love them and miss them.
Pics...James in between Brandon and Anthony (2) Taylin holding Rafael and Noah during a movie (3) The Webb Family

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Last full day and night on Oki

What a day and evening. We were blessed to get past the Typhoon and have lunch with Derek, the Barnet and Velarde family. They sacrificed their time and brought their families to have lunch today. That was so great. We were humbled by their friendship and just plain loving on our family. We then went to Tim Newell's ordination as a pastor. He has been one of the closest friends that I have had on Okinawa...he is blessed by God. All he touches turns to gold. Then the Ruiz family gathered everyone around and prayed for us...what a day...Thank you Lord for all that you do. God, you are Awesome...Thank you Jesus.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Hotel Life

Folks, It has been a long, fast 10 days preparing for the move to America. Thank you for your prayers as everything has gone so smooth. We have been going nonstop from 0700 to almost 2100 everyday... We are finally in the hotel getting some rest before a Typhoon hits this weekend. We hope that this does not damper our plans to fly to Hawaii Monday. Anyway...We have had dinner provided by the Lord ..with many people...Larry had a chance to preach to about 20 young Marines and sailors on Camp Hansen Sunday...1 prayed to received Christ and many others wanted was a blessed time and confirmation that the Lord wants us to work with young men and women...especially in the Corps...they experience so much temptation to cuss, drink and do terrible things...Praise the Lord for His Grace and Mercy...all, we will keep you all posted.