Monday, May 29, 2006

Worship Team barbecue

Wow, it was an awesome time just hangin out with the other musicians and singers at Calvary Chapel. We talked about a lot of stuff and just simply got to know each other better. I found another great singer Lincoln Brewster...he is awesome. Thanks to Mike Langley for that... Mike is on the right holding Micah. Mona is on the left, Mike's wife Cindy is next to Mona and Lisa is in the middle.
Cooking burgers...Pastor Rick with the spatula and Matt with the red shirt.


We had a good time bowling today. Rafael really loved it..he say "Give me 5" Every was awesome and just a reminder of how little time we have with our little ones and how precious those few moments we have with them are...

Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is always a wonderful thing...Brandon and Anthony contributed to the house cleaning in the bathroom. Good servant attitudes prevailed... Brandon on the sink on the left and Anthony working on the tub on the right.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Youth Night at the house

We had a blast Saturday night in the house as about 20 of students from the Tsunami class at church came to the house for singing, fellowship, movies and just fun. It was awesome to see everyone come together and actually not be BORED...Ha. Praise the Lord!!! The bottom left photo is Hannah (left) and Yasutomo leading worship. The right photo is Tyler holding Rafael, our son.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Anthony Drum Recital

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Anthony poured it on thick at the annual recital. He stunned everyone including the family when he played the Alligator Boogaloo with 3 professional instructors. They had a blast. Thank you Lord for blessing him with such a gift.