Monday, October 31, 2005


It has been a very busy weekend for our family. We have been to a birthday party, went to men's prayer, guitar practice, worshiped in church, went to a wedding and had a harvest festival tonight on the 31st of October. (SEE PHOTOS AT Our big highlight was seeing our close friend Souhki Forbes become a citizen (pictured with husband Derek in blue shirt) They always love to be with the boys and always teach them well. We have met so many people and have been blessed to talk to each one and share our lives and talk about what an awesome church we go to. We are glad to hear that Pastor Pol in the Philippines did get the money he needed to move into the new property. They already had 26 people pray to receive Christ in their first Sunday there. Please continue to pray for him. We had a great men's prayer with my friend see him in the picture...I am pointing at him...he is from New Mexico. My friend of 17 years now...Don Fenton....married Ayano. We had the opportunity to minister in song with the Praise Band and they let me sing by myself with the guitar...I was nervous...if you want the video..let me know. My teacher is with me in one of the pics. His name is Emil..One more thing...Noah walks..YES!!! Take care and til next time may we all see the GOOD in ALL...

Saturday, October 22, 2005


Well, it is Saturday morning and I spent the entire day with Pastor Pol and his family and their church workers. Folks, words cannot explain the wonder of a family sold out to serve and love their Savior....what a true blessing and conviction it was to see such beauty displayed in attitudes, demeanor, posture, dress and the love of life and sharing about how Christ has changes so many lives across their area of Caloocan, the Fairview Province...see for a map. Pastor Pol showed me their vision for a bigger area. Please look at the photos at . Please pray that they would receive support for this property. They only need 400 dollars to get it and 200 dollars a month to continue and someday start a bible college. I also recorded a lot of video...Please pray for Pol's ministry to the lost and their hope to have church property to accomodate the growth. It is only 200 dollars a month to run a full scale place and start a Bible college here. Ohh, may God stir someones heart to give out of their abundance...a good Proverb in the Bible says that when we give to the poor, God repays fully. For those who love Christ...Larry

Monday, October 17, 2005

Pastor Pol reunion

Hello to is late on Monday evening and we are rejoicing with JOY...literally...two Joys and Pol and his son Marthom...What a blessing it is to be saved by Grace and have the wonders and bit of heaven here on earth as we fellowship together. Pol has children who love the Lord and it is a blessing to be here. I wish I could bring the family here to have full time sharing with all...Please continue to pray for Pastor Pol and his vision to see a new building in his area for all those who are being saved...even his children share the Love of Christ ....WOW!!! Praise God...will see you again tomorrow...WHAT's up Beechwood...send someone soon...

Romans 8:28

Larry Torres in Christ

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Mona and the kids are back

The family is back and I am so happy. We immediately went to a Russ Lee concert. He has 11 number one Christian hits and is a great guy. He was ordained by Johnny Hunt in Woodstock, Ga. We enjoyed his music and the time he spent with everyone. Tom Ruiz and his band, 5,000 fed, also jammed and we loved listening and worshiping with them. I will post more pictures of the family soon. Please pray for my safe trip to the Philippines...I will be finally seeing Pol Ibanez, my brother in Christ, pastor and friend for several years. God bless you all...

Monday, October 10, 2005

Back from Tokyo

"We either evangelize or fossilize," said Pastor Johnny Hunt from First Baptist Church Woodstock. I am listening to him now as I sit alone in the living room waiting for my family to return from Tokyo. We had a wonderful time there and had an opportunity to encourage and pray with our friends Kevin and Kayoko Tinker and their daughter Christine and son Zane. What a wonderful time we had there. I will post pictures soon...praise the Lord